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headshot 2Hi, I’m Bonnie!  On this page I used to tell you all about my passion and love for photography.  While I still LOVE what I do, and hope you love what I create for you, I also want you to get to know me.  The real person behind “the lens.”

I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia although I was born and raised in Virginia.  So, even though I’m living up in PA, I still find myself to be a southern girl at heart.  (I have a faded accent to prove it.) My Pinterest page says: I’m a country girl with city girl tendencies. I’d say that describes me to a T.

I’m a mom.  If you asked me 15 years ago if I wanted children, I can honestly tell you my answer was probably something like….”hmm maybe.  I don’t know.”  Now, I could not imagine a life without them.  I have 2 adorable and silly little girls and one super, sweet son — he’s my sidekick.

I was a corporate girl for many, many years–15 to be exact.  I worked in the newspaper industry in advertising for 8 years after college.  I then met my future husband at a friends wedding on Solomon’s Island in Southern Maryland.  That Maryland boy somehow convinced me to move to the Philadelphia area.  I remember the day I moved so clearly. t was 10 degrees when we arrived with our U-haul truck from VA Beach to Havertown.  10 degrees!!!!!!!  I left the beach for the love of my life and don’t regret that decision.  I miss living there and my friends of course. I’m a total beach girl!  It’s heaven to me.  My total happy place.  But I digress.

After moving to PA I worked in the Property/Casualty Insurance industry for 7 years.  All of those 15 years in corporate/small company/sales has helped shape and develop me today.  I’m thankful for my career path and so many I have met along the way.

There are so many things I could say to help you understand me.  It’s a daunting task to think of what to write down for you.  But here goes…..

~I wear my heart on my sleeve.

~I spend my days chasing the kids and running a photography business and my husband’s business card says he’s a Scientist.  He works to cure the world of disease.  I so admire him.

~I’m a glass half-full kind of person.  Although, I do sweat the small stuff too sometimes.  But I just have to remind myself to keep my chin up.  Life really is good!

~I have lost many great people in my life including my dad.  I don’t even know how to elaborate on losing a parent or a close family member.  So, I hug those I love a little tighter these days.  And, life continues to move on day by day.  I’m thankful for that.

~I love to dance.  Boy, do I LOVE. TO. DANCE.

~I’m addicted to coffee.  And brussel sprouts.

~I’m a planner. I like lists.  Post it notes.  And I’m a collector of pens.  If you have one in your office or store I will likely take one.

~My 88 year old grandmother e-mails me most everyday.  Her notes make me smile and she often cracks me up.  I hope I’m as cool as her one day.  (Sidenote: she has since passed.  I can’t bring myself to delete this part so I”ll keep it.)

Do you care to know more?  I told you earlier I wear my heart on my sleeve.  So pick up the phone and call me.  Let’s schedule a session.  You will get to know me and I will get to know you.  And I promise, I will do everything in my power to deliver a session and images for you that you will cherish forever.



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