How to get your husband excited about your upcoming portrait session

I don’t want to stereotype here…but I think I will.  Most men are never excited about the thought of a family portrait session.  I would have to take a poll or get some hidden locker room guy talk to understand the real reasons why they seem to dread it.

But, as a photographer let me tell you why this bums me out.

A)When you have small children, I have to focus on them to make sure they are having fun/laughing/and enjoying themselves to capture those beautiful interactions.  If I have to pay attention to the husbands too my game is thrown off.

B)See A.  HA!  But in all seriousness, if it’s a service you can splurge on, you should have your life documented for future generations.

So I decided to write this article for the ladies on ways you can “sell” your next family session to your husband (and maybe, just maybe) he’ll enjoy it!!

1)Do your research on the photographer you choose.  I even suggest talking on the phone with them first, and make sure your personalities meld.  I find the person behind the camera plays a huge role in how your family will open up and feel relaxed.  Make sure your husband knows that when you talked with me (eh hem or the photographer you choose) that they seem funny, a pleasure to be around and not stuffy at all.  That should immediately help put some of their tension at ease.

eIMG_4475 copy


2)Let them have a say in what they are going to wear.  Choosing what to wear is a whole other blog post but let your husband wear something he’s comfortable in but still looks nice.  If he’s not a button down guy don’t make him wear one.  There are plenty of ways for him to look dressed appropriately without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.


3)Have a heart to heart with him before the session.  Pictures mean so much to me and I’m certain they mean a lot to any family.  Ask for the session as your gift at a holiday or birthday. Let him know that it really means that much to you and if he’ll just go along with it you would be so thrilled.  This should be a huge relief off his back — the gift for that said holiday DONE!  No shopping or racking his brain trying to think of something you would like recalling how upset you were with the toaster oven last year.  ha!!

eIMG_0297 copy

4)Find a photographer who enjoys a family session with some posed shots but those that allow you to just have fun.  During your photo session if you are cuddling, engaging in tickle fights, teaching your children hop scotch, or sharing an ice cream cone– these are all fun activities that can ensure for some beautiful memories captured.  This is exactly how I operate by the way with family sessions with small children.  It’s all about some suggested poses in between the playful moments.  Make sure he knows its about having fun and documenting the time together.  (And you just happened to do your hair and make up fabulously that day as well as exchanged your yoga pants for a great outfit!)

eIMG_3583c copy

5) Much like a child, you can always resort to bribery with men.  What would your husband REALLY enjoy in exchange for agreeing to have fun during the photo session?  If it’s a guys night out to happy hour, a day golfing with buddies or otherwise make sure he knows you are totally cool with that if he’ll just relax, smile and enjoy the moment.

I know as fussy as even my own husband can be about doing a photo session he always looks back fondly on our pictures.  They are YOUR memories.  We really should exist in photographs for our future generations.   It’s a neat thought that a great, great grandchild may say one day: my great grandpappy sure was a handsome guy and he had the best smile.  It seems (from pictures) he really knew how to enjoy life and loved his family.  Could there ever be anything more beautiful to ponder?

I would love to hear your tips on this topic!!!!!  Tell me what your hubby’s objection is and I can help! Comment below if you have a suggestion!  

DISCLAIMER: NONE of these men pictured above, to my knowledge, were against their photo session.  As a matter of fact, I think it was quite the contrary as they all seemed to have fun and loved the session experience.  🙂

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