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Time flies by in the blink of an eye.

You will miss these days.

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As a mom with young children, I hear this often.   It normally happens when I am looking dazed and frazzled trying to juggle all three at the store or the park.

I just didn’t realize with 3 children (ages almost 6 and younger) that I would already start to miss THOSE days.  My girls use to love to play dress up.  I have this amazing rack of princess dresses, fairy costumes and thrift store finds of fancy dresses for little girls.  My 3 year old still loves to put them on from time to time.  But my almost 6 year old?  Nope, she just doesn’t care about it anymore.  How is this happening???  I’m already missing those adorable little girls who–when company arrived–they would immediately run to find their favorite fancy dress and parade on the house just waiting for all the ooh’s and aah’s and to be told how adorable and pretty they look.

Time does fly by.  Indeed.  So, I bring you this…..

storybook sessions

ebedtime shoot 044 copy  Once upon a time this photographer girl had a perfect and magical idea.  And, I am so beyond excited to finally be debuting this concept session I have been dreaming up since 2012.

Children have the most carefree little spirits and wildy creative imaginations.  They can melt your heart and amaze you all at the same time.  I love to capture this.  But I want to take it a step further for you.  My concept is simply this:

1-Mom/dad and I collaborate and plan a themed session that is perfect for your family and your little ones imaginations.

2-The photoshoot will revolve around them playing and no (or very little) true posing and traditional portraiture.

3-This is where the creativity will kick in.  I will design a lay flat album which will in turn become your child/children’s very own storybook.  With your input we will use special nicknames, phrases they may use and truly make it personal to your family.

4-Your children will become the stars of their own fairy tale.

My first concept book was from a session I did called Sweet Dreams Sisters.  You can see an example of the session here.  

Package options include:

A layflat album (duplicate albums for siblings and parent/grandparents album available)

25-30 Images from session on USB

Large wall canvas or groupings available which are perfect for playrooms or bedrooms where their little imagines can roam free.  And where your children dream big.

Packages starting at $525

I envision these types of sessions for children ages 2-8+.  Let’s get creative and plan something fun!

eStorybook 016


I have loads of ideas we can bounce around.  Give me a call and let’s the plan session!  484-301-0202

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